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About Badami

Badami formerly known as Vatapi, is a town and headquarters of a taluk by the same name, in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. It was the regal capital of the Badami Chalukyas from 540 to 757 AD. It is famous for rock cut and other structural temples. It is located in a ravine at the foot of a rugged, red sandstone outcrop that surrounds Agastya lake. Badami has been selected as one of the heritage cities for HRIDAY - Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme of Government of India. Badami is a small town, which was once the erstwhile capital of the Chalukyas, who ruled most of Karnataka in the 6th - 8th centuries.The rock-cut temples of Badami are a popular sightseeing destination. A series of four caves are famous for its 81 carvings of dancing lord Nataraja. This region is relatively unexplored, is an integral part of the glorious heritage of our country.Karnataka is loved across the globe for its exotic natural beauty, linguistic diversity, religious ethnicity, varied cultural heritage and historical monuments.Travel to this magnificent town situated amidst a ravine between two rocky hills housing the magnificent rock cut cave temples as well as the Chalukyan style structural temples.


* A Buddhist cave in a natural setting that can be entered only by crawling on knees.
* The Bhuhtanatha temple, a small shrine, facing the lake, constructed in 5th century.
* Many Shivalayas including the Malegatti Shivalaya with 7th century origins.
* The Dattatreya temple.
* The Mallikarjuna temple dating back to the 11th century, built on a star shaped plan.
* A Dargah, a dome of an Islamic place of worship on the south fort side.
* Vista points on top of the North Fort for the view of the ancient town below.
* Temple of Banashankari, a Kuladevata (family deity) for many families, is located near Badami.
* An impressive series of nine Hindu temples, as well as a Jain sanctuary, can be seen here.
* Archaeological Museum, that has collection of sculptures from Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal.
* The Temple of Virupaksha, built c.740 by Queen Lokamahadevi to commemorate her husband's victory over the kings from the South.

Badami Fort

* Badami Fort is situated on top of the hill, east of the Bhuthnatha Temple, atop a cliff right opposite the Badami cave temples. The entrance to this temple is right through the Badami museum. It is a steep climb with many view points and dotted with little shrines. The path is laid with neatly cut stone, the same that adores all the architecture around.

Places Of Interests

* Banashankari Temple – An Ancient Shrine.
* Pattadkal- Unseco’s World Heritage Site.
* Aihole – The 2nd Capital of Chalukya Kingdom.
* Mahakoota- Group of ancient Shrines.


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